Time to believe

Hello, hello this is your Relationship Coach Maggie.

As I was getting ready to do this video, I realized we are actually in a somber time in our lives. And what we all may need more than anything right now, is to BELIEVE.

BELIEVE this fear and this uneasiness we are experiencing will be over soon.

Although we have more questions than answers about this virus, but we are resilient people and we will overcome this tragedy.

My concern is; How are we going to emerge once everything is over?

Since it will not be normal for anyone of us to endure such distress and not learned anything from it.

I know the lessons life gives us can be very difficult, but each one of them has been designed to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Today, our reality is, we do not have a cure yet for this disease.

What can we do to make the best out of a dire situation?

For those of us who are home either with our children, our partner or living alone.

How can we bring joy to our lives, instead of worrying and getting upset about things we cannot change.

What if we decide to use this time to bond and love on each other!

For instance,
How often we say to our children, our parents even our friends, we wish we had time for them.

Well, today I am going to challenge you to spend thirty minutes with someone who lives with you.

If you are home with your children, what about creating playtime with them.
Do something fun, so everyone can laugh together.

You see, laughter is our best medicine and we need that right now more than anything else.

You can also share jokes, sing, and dance together. What about putting the phone away, turn off the TV and actually have real family time together.

And if you live with your parents; what about letting them know how much you appreciate them. Reassure them, they are not a burden on you.

You can also reminisce about old times, share stories and tell them how much you truly love them.

But, for those of you who live alone, this is also a good time to reach out to your old friends and let them know you are thinking about them.

You may be surprised to hear how much your gesture is appreciated.

Or perhaps, you can also decide to finally write the book you have been contemplating on writing.

You see, we all have a story to share, but we often justify why we cannot do it.

What about taking this opportunity to start, since you cannot leave the house anyway.

I BELIEVE this is the moment for all us to love each other and really spend time together.

Throughout my journey, I’ve met a variety of people who spent their lifetime searching for one thing; “Happiness”. But, what many of them failed to comprehend, is that “Happiness” is bits and pieces of little moments we share with those we love. MK

I want to remind you all, the only time we have for sure is the moment we are sharing together.

Because yesterday was the past.
Tomorrow is a promise.
But, today is our present.
Our gift from God.

Before I leave, let me remind you, we have one shot at this thing called life, let’s make every moment count while owning our destiny.

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