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A personalized coaching program
designed to help you find your most
compatible partner. 


  • How to walk away from bad relationships.

  • Quit without the guilt.

  • Release old baggages.

  • Rise and conquer.

  • Find true love.

  • Enjoy the life you always wanted.

This program has been designated for Powerful, Professional & Single Women
who are ready to experience a more loving, fulfilling
and stable relationships with their compatible partners.


"The only time we make changes in our lives is when we are tired of our current circumstances." Maggie Kanzki

  • Are you tired of going from one unsuccessful relationship to the next?
  • Are you tired of crying yourself to sleep?
  • Are you tired of waking up alone?
  • Are you tired of showing up without a companion?
  • Are you tired of hoping to find the right man?
  • Are you tired of waiting and don't know what to do?
  • Are you ready to experience true love with your compatible partner?

This coaching program focuses on three major components:

  • Practicing self-love.
  • Finding your compatible partner.
  • Enjoying the relationship you always wanted.
Powerful Professional and single woman

1) Practicing self-love

  • Self Assessment
  • Owning My Abilities
  • Uncluttered

2) Finding my compatible partner

  • What type of partner will be most compatible for me?
  • Where do I meet the partner I am looking for?
  • Attending events and socializing.
  • Stop dating, star "Fishing" for the right partner
  • How to identify and connect with my partner?
  • How to promote me without looking desperate?

3) Enjoying the relationship you always wanted

  • Practicing healthy communication
  • Keeping the relationship new and alive
  • Managing finances
  • Applying the table analogy
  • Focusing on Love, Sex, Trust & Respect.

4) Interviewing and selecting my partner

  • Questions to ask on the first date
  • Questions for the second date
  • Questions on the third date
  • When it is Ok to share my dessert?

7 Days To A Better Relationship
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Come along as Your Relationship Coach, Maggie Kanzki, takes you on a 7-day journey to finding and keeping your most compatible partner. 

Every morning, wake up to a new video from Maggie that will open your eyes to new possibilities in your life every day.

Maggie will assist you in becoming aware of common relationship obstacles and how to overcome them.

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Maggie Kanzki

FREE 30-Minute Coaching Call 
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If you're really ready to take bold action in the direction of your desires-to find your most compatible partner- then this is the opportunity you've been looking for. 

Without any risk, and at no cost to you, you can work with Maggie for a single coaching session to get powerful insights and personalized ideas on how to get closer to finding the fulfilling relationship you long for. 

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